If you want khổng lồ use your wired headphones on your điện thoại thông minh or tablet, you might need a USB Type-C adapter to lớn vị so. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S21 doesn"t have a tai nghe jaông chồng, but you can use an adapter in the USB-C port if you still want lớn use wired headphones. The best USB-C headphone adapter on our extensively researched list goes khổng lồ the JSAUX USB-C headphone charger, which allows for fast charging while you"re listening lớn your favorite tunes. We"ve also included a multitude of picks that fit not only fit a variety of specific tech needs, but also varying styles and budgets. So let"s get started!


Quiông xã charge: JSAUX USB-C Headphone Charger

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If you want something that will allow you khổng lồ use a max of 30w PD fast charging, then this is the adapter for you. There"s both a USB-C charging port and a 3.5 milimet tai nghe jaông chồng on this adapter, so you"ll be able lớn listen khổng lồ music while quickly charging your phone.

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Keep it simple: NIMASO USB-C Headphone Adapter

You"ll be able khổng lồ listen to music or take phone calls via headphones when using it. It"s super compact, so you can easily slip it into your pocket or take it with you just about anywhere.


Universal: UGREEN USB-C Headphone Jaông chồng Adapter

This sleek-looking adapter allows you to lớn listen to lớn music & plug in a lightning cable. It works with several type-C devices, including Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, and other smartphones that lachồng a 3.5 milimet tai nghe jaông chồng.


Sleek splitter: CableCreation USB-C Adapter

If you want a more compact way khổng lồ charge your phone & listen khổng lồ your music, this is the best option for you. Simply plug it inkhổng lồ the bottom of your phone, và then you can use the included headphone jachồng as well as the USB-C port as you see fit.


Compact adapter: Mxcudu USB-C Audio Adapter

This is one of the smallest USB-C lớn tai nghe adapters you can find. You"ll get good sound quality since it includes a built-in Hi-Res Realtek Chip. Use the included lanyard lớn attach it to your keys, purse, or backpachồng & take it with you anywhere. The casing is made of Aluminum alloy, making it svào & durable.

If you"re looking for a way lớn use your lightning headphones và accessories with USB-C devices, this is the adapter you"ll need. There is no software installation required. Simply plug the USB-C into your phone or computer & then plug your lightning cable into the other end. Everything will automatically be good to go.

Samsung phone owners should get this tai nghe adapter to lớn connect their wired audio devices. Samsung makes it for its own devices, so it"ll work on any device made by the company for sure. As a bonus, it comes with a warranty too.

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Bojuren"s USB Type-C khổng lồ 3.5mm audio jack is an excellent value buy. You get two for the price of one, so you"ll always have a backup pair. Alternatively, you could keep one for trang chính use & the other for traveling to enjoy high-unique music on the go.

Adapting your tech

Many of the best Android phones are doing away with the tai nghe jack. Fortunately, there are several different USB-C headphone adapters on the market khổng lồ choose from. You"ll want to lớn consider if you want the adapter khổng lồ have any other functions other than providing a tai nghe jaông xã. If you decide you want one that features a charging port, you"ll need lớn decide if you only want to lớn tư vấn standard charging or PD fast charging.

We highly recommkết thúc the JSAUX USB-C Headphone Adapter since it provides a 3.5 mm headphone jack & a charging port supporting PD fast charging. However, if you"d rather have sầu something a bit more simple, you"ll be interested in a NIMASO USB-C to Headphone Adapter, which only features a tai nghe jachồng. Both options are super compact và won"t take up a lot of space in either your pocket, purse, or bag. Lastly, if you"re looking for an adapter that supports lightning cables, you"ll want to get the UGREEN USB-C Headphone Jack Adapter.

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