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Bạn đang xem: Sachi

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SynopsisOne day, a girl was kidnapped.However, that girl started to desire a life living with her captor, and swears that she will marry him. In return, her captor provides her with happiness that she had always longed for.How could a story between a girl and her captor be so heart warming?(Source: AOC Translations)


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The true value of this series lies within the complexity of the characters. It is a very psychological work.First I would like to address two issues. First, people have an issue with the age gap between the two main characters, but I feel like this case deserves a special, unbiased outlook. Second, this is not a depiction of Stockholm Syndrome: this isn't really a kidnapping. It's more like she ran away from home and he is taking care of her. Additionally, I would not even consider it to be romantic. The idea of them even "liking" each other is very questionable. As of chapter 27, their relationship is fully platonic, almost like friends or siblings, which ties back to the age issue.This is a story about two damaged people who are trying to grasp a meaning and reason to life. Through their interactions, they start to save each other and change. They are both damaged, lonely, and conflicted but have quite opposite views (one who didn't necessarily want to die but believed suicide was the best option and the other who wants to die but can't bring themself to commit suicide). As the story continues, their facades start to fall away and they really turn out to be opposite of what they're introduced as. This development and their inner conflict is really what shines.I believe that the characters are beautifully crafted, the story is somewhat interesting, and the art is great. I'm no expert in psychology, but from experience, I can say that the human mind is a complicated thing full of contradictions, twisted logic, and conflict. It's very difficult to put in words but the characters' thoughts were just relatable and made sense to me. Simply put, I enjoyed it.Like Sachi narrates, their relationship wouldn't easily be understood by the public. This manga is probably not targeted towards the general public, but rather an audience who either relates with the experiences/thoughts of the characters or is interested in the psychological genre.