Laneige White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack Review

Laneige sent me some deluxe cộ skincare samples and their other sleeping mask (which erm, was I living under a rock? Cause this is my first time using this!) - và NEW FAVOURITE MASK! Like, FAVOURITE. I"ve currently put aside my Naruko ones for SG và I"m using this 2x weekly for the past 3 weeks!


I thought they were tiny at first but they are lasting quite a while! Impressive. I lượt thích deluxe sample stuff cause I get to try them for a suitable amount of time before making a conclusion and that normally is quite hard with just one-time samples!

This is the White Plus Renew line và I don"t need whitening now but I could vày with the brightening! No sun = dull dull skin